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Real superman

My Conversion to Christ and Following Events

Before 15 years age when I converted to Christ, I was possessed with a demon. I was much more clever than other children, but to the age of 15 the demon almost completely destroyed my mind, and my state was quickly becoming worse. It came to so bad that in the short time intervals of proper understanding I realized that yet 1-2 weeks and I will most probably forever become as stupid as a reptilian.

I felt horror when realized first I cannot count (1, 2, 3...) anymore and then that I cannot read. (I saw a text but was not able to understand it.)

The demon have been preventing me to convert to Christ making me to forget that I want to convert, destroying my desire to convert etc. and also with heresies. (I was not believing in divinity of Christ.) But once I converted to Christ. A week later would be to late, I would completely lost mind, I think.

After I converted I thought that somebody has turned on a lamp or that the Sun came out of the clouds. No, nobody turned on the lamp, my eyes changed. I felt myself somehow differently, but as the Devil has given me already many false conversions (while I was a heretic), I was yet unsure whether this time I really converted to Christ and became not mad anymore. Hours passed but I had no mad thoughts, no anger, no hallucinations, no memory loss. I have begun to realize that I really became a Christian.

I was at home that time. After 3 days after conversion, I came out to the street and was very much wondered, I was seeing not one tree and not only the whole wood, but I was seeing every tree simultaneously! My attention was focused at every tree I was seeing at the same time, not on one or two trees. It is like to when somebody updates his computer to a more powerful hardware and then is able to play graphical games with higher resolution.

After yet three months of my new life, I got a math problem from a studybook and instead of solving it during some time as it was before I momentally understood the answer, the entire solution was thought by me in one moment!

Well, afterward I was tempted, mistaught in a church etc. and for a rather long time lost the excellency of the mind and much of other spiritual gifts. However once I understood that my church teachers mistake in many things and are just wrong and returned to the way of study directly from God with His Word in Bible and His Spirit, and of spiritual development.

This was a great returning, but in many things I yet mistook, but I set the purpose studying Bible to find the truth as it is. I began to come near to clean understanding and pure spirit.

For my faith I was tortured and tempted by bad people, but God given me to overcome (however it was very hard).

That time I decided to dedicate to God every second. I even counted seconds when I was lying to rest.

I was superman

And my possibilities developed exceedingly much more than I were able to imagine before.

I found myself remembering anything, all events in the years of my life, everything.

A very hard gift was telepathy. It was a very torture to hear many awkwardest curses and stupid thoughts in minds of people. It also was a very hard temptation when I met a girl with clever thoughts.

First computer-mind occurrence

Once I was sitting in a school in front of a computer and programming. Unexpectedly I found that I calculated in mind what my program for the computer should compute. I calculated myself, without the computer!

I was wondering that I reached such degree of holiness that I can calculate as a computer. It was unexpected for me that I sin so little.

Super force like Samson

I get the habit at all times to quickly move my hands back and forward. I was doing this to promote my zeal and dedication to God, because while I was moving so my attention was focused so that I was more zealous.

And lo! I found that I was moving my hands with the speed above the speed of sound.

I had arthritis before but the heat of friction in my joints healed my joints.

Also unexpectedly I received super-force. It also sometimes appeared and sometimes I became weak again. Not every time the force was in full. But when it was in full, when I was not specifically limiting my moving, I was rumbling like a hard excavator when I was going because I moved my hands with speed above the speed of sound and they rumbled so much that I destroyed some glasses in some about 8th ground of a house while myself being at the bottom!

Also weariness disappeared completely. Of a much hard work I was becoming hungry but never weary. I was able to work many days with awesome speed without any pauses. I was sleeping no more than 4 hours twice per week. And when I was sleeping I continued to think.

When super-speed was in beginning it were painful for the joints (as I was a very ill child before all this happened). But I decided to continue to move with high speed as counted development of force of will more important than health of joints. After some time of super-fast movements, my joins being warmed by the warm of friction became healthy, and I was able to move as fast as I wanted.

My body became more hard than steel. When I was squeezing an iron thing in a hand, my fingerprint was left on it. The commandment of Jesus Christ to (Mat. 5:39) whoever strikes you on your right cheek, turn to him the other also gained a new sense for me, as anybody who beaten me was only damaging his hand, so if I wanted to save him I would need to evade from him (or else specially make my body more soft, as its hardness was under my control).

The case of the most impressive acting of the mechanical force of Holy Spirit with me was probably this: I decided to show somebody the force and for this flapped the air with my hand to the thick door of a steel safe to close it with movement of the air, but I did it too powerfully and instead the air flapped by my hand has thorn the door of the steel safe into pieces.

At the beginning my actions sometimes were dangerous, for example I caused a crash because of the driver of a car was shocked seeing as I jumped over the street (not desiring to wait when it would be free from cars). But afterward I studied to be careful.

Yet once I was staying keeping a pole with one hand and a quickly moving car touched my other hand. I continued to stay immovable and the car crashed.

Yet once in a church (well, it was a heretical church) I was showing them Samson-power and for this made a steel staff rotate with exceeding speed. To increase the super-effect I accelerated the rotation several minutes. But one of them came to look and (oh, a stupid man!) to touch the rotating staff. I cried him, stop, idiot, don't touch, don't come on, it is holy power you must not touch! (Because I needed also several minutes to stop it without breaking the building.) But he ignored the warning and touched the rotating staff. Only the blood sprinkled onto the walls.

Once I attempted to check how much strong I am. I got a steel thing (maybe that was a nut or a bolt) and squeezed it between two hands. Will I able to squeeze the steel? The outcome exceeded what I would expect. The energy of pressure of my hands caused steel to melt and the melted iron flowed down by my hands not causing me any harm. So I didn't know the limit of my force.

Other super-abilities

Once I happened to be left in a wood in winter. I realized that even having super-force I can't go out not freezing. Then I threw away the winter clothes, raised my hands, prayed that no wild or man would harm me while I cannot move and ceased to move planning to stay immovable until the spring. My body was already frozen and hard when it happened that a car came; as my brain and ears was not yet frozen I noticed this and unfrozen myself, so that they took me into the car and driven out from the wood. I'm sure that if not that car I would stay immovable until the spring and then could go out from the wood. While being a super I several times spent nights at the street in winter being frozen, it was equally natural and convenient for me as to lie in a bed.

Also I liked to lie on the bottom of a little river not breathing during hours and to see how the water over me glances in the light. (Compare St. Paul which spent about 24 hours at the Ocean bottom (2Cor. 11:25) Three times I suffered shipwreck. I have been a night and a day in the deep.)

I have been putting my body into many special physiological states. For example, sometimes I was intentionally temporarily entering into a deadbody-like condition, my skin was covering with a fluid and even a little dissolved in this fluid and this fluid was flowing on my skin, so that I was looking no different than a deadbody except of I continued to move. Some kinds of work were more convenient to do in this state. (St. Paul did the same: (1Cor. 15:31) I affirm, by the boasting in you which I have in Christ Jesus our Lord, I die daily.)

When I was wound, it took minutes or even seconds to cure.

Super Computer Brain

But what I am going to tell now more than exceedingly surpasses all what I've said above.

This super-ability was received the last, when I already had ideal memory, super-force, and many other super-abilities. (However some of this last super-ability was indeed sometimes glancing even before, as I said above on the case when I was sitting before a computer in a school.)

Being very zealous all the time I was either thinking or praying. While I did anything, I not losing the time also was thinking about something. I took the decision always when I think about something, to generalize my thoughts (that is if I for example thought about a 2-dimension geometrical figure, also think about 3-dimension and even arbitrary n-dimensional objects). I followed this rule to generalize my thoughts as hard as possible trying to reach the most general principles. I followed the math method called axiomatic method while thinking about anything, I tried to formulate a system of axioms and find the general principles. (Axiomatic method is an important math method invented in the beginning of 20th century and so also called 20th century math method, which splits math into parts (called axiomatic theories), every part having a fixed system of axioms.)

Sometimes my thoughts were becoming very fast. It were moments of clean mind. But due time these moments were becoming more often and more intensive. So I found myself sometimes being able to calculate faster than a computer. As this super-ability developed, I found that I can, for example, read a computer program and execute it in my mind faster than the computer itself.

Then I studied not only executing computer program in mind, but even just think like a human with computer speed. And as this super-ability developed further, I thought with above super-computer speed not like a human but as a super-human with clean, logical, super-mind surpassing human mind not only in speed but also in other aspects.

I guess that the contacts in my brain have become metalized and passed the signals with (almost) light speed. Or maybe neurones of my brain were linked with each other through radio waves rather than through contacts. It should be the next stage of the development of human brain as a child grows, but this indeed typically does not happen with a sinner after Adam's fall.

This super-ability was very unstable, but, like the super-force, in some day has come to stability, I found that I all the time think faster than a computer, and the speed, stability, and perfectness of mind continued to grow. I ceased to mistake! I have come rather near to sinlessness and perfectness as Adam was before his Fall to sin. Having super-powerful mind and thinking all the time, I gained probably much more scientific and other knowledge than the rest of mankind. (Afterward I forgot it.)

I was in telepathic link with heaven, I lived like an angel in heaven, only being on the Earth. Bible teaches that atmosphere of the Earth is living (so called spirit) and it is exceedingly more powerful computer than any human brain. I lived in the spirit, brain is secondary.

Quite naturally, in one day of super-life I studied as during 1000 years of a common human life: (2Pe. 3:8) But don't forget this one thing, beloved, that one day is with the Lord as a thousand years. (This one thing is the only what I remember of my knowledge which I gained while being a super.)

After my fall from a super back to a common sinful man like you (see below) I forgot anything of my super-thoughts while being a super, I remember only that it was great but no particular details. I have forgotten the super-knowledge, the memory of a non-super cannot keep it. (However I know that the knowledge is indeed in my memory, only I can't remember.)

Superman's dialogue

Having conversation with several people at once, I managed to calculate and control over what they would say, in such a way that the questions which every of them were asking had the same answer. This way by one phrase I answered the same answer on different questions by several people at once. Realizing that my answers magically answer every of their questions at once, the people jumped back (also simultaneously) from me in awe being amazed by this thing.

My Fall

In the way of becoming a super, as I have already told, I have fallen and raised again many times.

But then I nevertheless became a working super-computer hard robot and my state was stable rather long time. In human terms I was doing all with very much zeal, especially I was calculating and solving mathematical problems zealously.

Nevertheless once I felt completely, as a hanged computer.

My mother once has said me that I would destroy my health by flaming so much.

After a few hours I remembered this her saying and feared for a tiny moment of time. But this little fear was enough to destroy all.

I fell fear for a moment and the fear caused my zeal to vanish.

As in that moment I lost super-coordination of the movements, I literally felt onto the ground. I attempted to make in my mind a system of equations describing mechanics of raising from the ground (I was solving a system of mathematical equations before every movement of my body.) but realized the tremendous thing that I cannot count like a computer anymore. Little (compared with the before) left mind was enough only to understood the nightmare of the happened, I became almost a common man again. I raised from the ground with a difficulty because I forgot how common people (non-supers) move. I spent months in despair: I'm stupid, I'm weak, I'm ill, again silly counting on fingers, and worse of all I mistake and I can't completely control my actions doing what I don't want to do, I sin, and finally I'm in depression. More than a month without sins and in one moment I became a sinner again, as hopeless as other people to reach sinless state. I think that Adam after eating the fruit which God deprecated him to eat fell the same, as he ceased to be a super. God has not lied saying to Adam You will die in the day when you will eat it., it is a death compared with what is life of a sinless man. (Do you know that deadbodies in coffins indeed move, only very slowly? Dead is one who has become very much slower and sillier in his movements.), I'm dead.

After months of despair, I slowly began to try to continue the life of a common man (rather than a superhero as before). Well, some of my abilities (such as telepathy) was yet left, degrading during the time. Sometimes I even had little episodes of computer speed calculations in mind. I have not loss it completely and have not became as stupid as other people at all, I indeed studied some of math and have become a mathematician.

Can you imagine what would happen if I remained a computer for a long time? Wouldn't I for example prevent the economical crisis by calculating the state of economics? Wouldn't I build a theronuclear reactor to eliminate dependency on the oil? I think I would do much. But I've failed.

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